Sep, 2012

2012 Emmy: Modern Family FTW!!

A quick update!!! Aubrey will be interviewed by Nick Watt tonight on Diane Sawyer World News on ABC!! 6:30pm PST

What a great night! I couldn’t be prouder of my little Aubrey and Modern Family had a great sweep of the Emmys! Congratulations to Steve Levitan, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and the entire cast, crew and staff who make this hilarious show happen every week.

If you didn’t see the Emmy broadcast, there was a really funny  video skit that the cast did and it centered around Aubrey being an on-set mini-tyrant! Hilarious, and of course a joke, but Aubrey loved getting to play a naughty kid! Here it is:

You can also go to TheClicker.com and vote for their sketch, although it’s pretty much a land slide already.

I’ll be writing some more thoughts about the Emmy weekend very soon. We are still in the whirlwind now and heading out the door to get to another interview.

Thanks for following our journey and for all the wonderful well-wishes and congrats for Aubrey! She is having a blast!

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