Apr, 2012

Chihuahua Bliss

Bob Barker and I are both, definitely, California girls. Today it is sunny and almost 90 degrees and on a day like this, Bob Barker likes nothing better than to sprawl out on the toasty driveway and soak in the sun. If there’s a human around, she will ask for a tummy rub to complete the perfect scenario.

What a life.

We hope you’re having a great day too!

xo Amy & BB


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  1. Yuuki says:

    I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thrhguo.

  2. norsis: Meitä on moneen junaan ja makuja on erilaisia, niinso! :DMilla: Ekat langat ostin Koosta ja loput Ässästä, eli kummastakin löytyy kyllä. :)UA: Hempeitä kuin kevätmieli, nih. :)Tintti: Kevättä on rinnassa, justhan päästään helmikuulle! Maaliskuussa alkaa jo varsinkin kevät. 🙂

  3. Looks simply mouth watering Mary!!! [But…literally, a gallon of gravy? Be still my heart…I could probably consume all of it in a couple of meals given to me with REAL mashed potatoes. I'm such a gravy freak, you can see it in me if you look about midway down…near the belly? LOL]Anyway, the cranberry soap is actually a cranberry red…translucent.]Have a super Tuesday. It's foggy here. I'm bummed, I wanted to go see if I could see some of the migrating whooping cranes today…can't see diddly squat 1 foot in front of me…maybe tomorrow!]

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