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Aug, 2012

Back To School With The Children's Place

Earlier this week, Aubrey and I were invited to check out the fall fashions at The Children’s Place. I’m going to be honest, I hadn’t been into one of their stores in a while as I am not a big clothing shopper, but as soon as we walked in, Aubrey ran right to the sparkly stuff on the girls’ side of the store and began to ooooh and aaaah! She knows what she likes and she was in LOVE with this store. She literally asked to get almost everything she laid her eyes on!

Aubrey is starting kindergarten at a uniformed school this fall, so I don’t have to worry about school shopping, but because of her work on Modern Family, she does attend a fair amount of media events and award ceremonies and parties – everything from casual Disney movie premieres to The Golden Globes which is black tie – and dressing her for all of these shindigs can really take its toll on mommy’s bank account.

One of my favorite things about The Children’s Place is the wide range of options under one roof. Play clothes and school uniform staples up through fancier dresses and accessories that are easy to dress up and down for different occasions. Their prices are really reasonable and the quality is great. Everything we have ever had from TCP has held up really well.

We picked up a nice assortment of dresses, tops and a night gown that Aubrey LOVED and the shopping trip wouldn’t have been complete without a pair of pink, sparkly high tops. Not sure how I got such a girly girl, but it’s fun! Of course they have a boys section too and there was some super cute stuff on that side, as well. No sparkly sneakers though.


Good luck with all of your back-to-school shopping and watch for these sparkly high tops on a red carpet this fall!


*I was not compensated for this post, but I was treated to a very nice shopping spree and tour of the current fall line, and for this, I am very grateful 🙂 All opinions expressed here are my own… like totally.





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Aug, 2012

I Am Amy & I Speak For The Lorax

Over the holidays I got  a new 3D Blu-ray DVD player and a 3D tv. This is my first new tv and player in ages and I have to admit, I wasn’t keen spending my hard earned dollars on it, but it has been worth every dime so far. The 2 ton box tv set is gone and we are enjoying the HD cable channels. Well, Aubrey is. I almost never get to watch what I want to watch, but Yo Gabba Gabba has never looked better.

This week I got a copy of Universal’s Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. Aubrey and I saw it when it was in the theaters, but this was our first chance to try out our new 3D tv and Blu-ray player! We hadn’t purchased any 3D movies yet, so we were pretty excited.

Ready to watch The Lorax in 3D!!

It really did look amazing and it was fun using our own 3D glasses at home. Two of the features of the Combo Pack that I thought were really cool are the 3 new Mini Movies – Aubrey’s favorite one is “Serenade” – and the Digital Copy of The Lorax compatible with iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android & UltraViolet.

The Lorax Blu-ray Combo Packs are available now in stores and online and to view a trailer of the new mini movies, visit this link on YouTube!


*I was not compensated for this post, but I did receive a copy of The Lorax Blu-ray Combo Pack to facilitate this review. 


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Jul, 2012

Ponies Getting Married Is Totally Normal

My daughter, Aubrey is 5 yrs old and is a great mix of girly and goofy. She loves sports, but is definitely a girly girl. She prefers dresses, loves stickers and glitter and has pink handlebar streamers on both her Razor scooter and her bicycle. It should come as no surprise that she LOVES My Little Pony. Anything to do with ponies and horses is right up her ally, but My Little Pony is pastel colored, singing ponies who are really into fashion and fun which is pretty much her dream come true.

The My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding, 5 episode DVD is coming to DVD on August 7 and we were lucky to get a review copy! Aubrey has been watching it over and over and here’s her review:


It really is a well done series, currently airing on The HUB TV Network and we also stream it on Netflix. Magical, sweet little ponies with a wide variety of personalities and styles teach lessons in patience, kindness, honestly and integrity through hilarious story lines and super catchy tunes. I have a degree in music education and I have to admit I’m consistently impressed with the music on this series. It’s the quality of a good Broadway musical most of the time. OK, OK, I admit, I actually kind of like watching it too. But it is wildly popular with young kids and I won’t even get into the whole “Bronies” phenomenon. Google it. Oh wait. I already did it for you.

This DVD contains 5 episodes from the last season:

A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1 (yes, one of the ponies gets married to another pony, duh)
A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2
Hearts And Hooves Day
Sweet & Elite
The Best Night Ever

And bonus features of 2 sing-alongs and coloring sheets. Aubrey loves these wedding episodes SO much she reenacts them with different toys and even like to pretend we are the good and bad ponies on our bicycles in the driveway. Somehow, I always end up being “Nightmare Moon” (or as Aubrey usually calls her, “Mare Night Moon”). She’s the baaaaaad, evil pony!

Look for it in stores August 7 or pre-order on Amazon.com now! Priced at $14.97

*I was not compensated for this post, but was provided with a DVD to facilitate the review.

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