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Sep, 2010

So... Did Amy Put Out For Blogger Prom?!

I know it’s hard to believe, stunning, charming and engaging as I am, that I NEVER went to prom. Or any school dance or party for that matter. No prom, no homecoming, no jr high mixer, no Sadie Hawkins. I did ask two boys out in high school. One for Sadie Hawkins and one for, I think, senior prom, and both turned me down. Excuse me while I go carve the word “why” into my forearm and rock back and forth slowly to the St Elmo’s Fire piano theme song…

OK, I’m back. Honestly, I don’t feel too bummed about missing out on that part of the teenage experience. It really wasn’t my scene (read: I was a total dork and miserably unhappy in my teens). But when my friend, Marsha, aka SweatPantsMom invited me to the 2010 Blogger Prom at Yamashiro in Hollywood, well I got all tingly inside and promptly began to practice writing my new name in cursive: Mrs Amy Sweatpantsmom.

Seriously, I checked the box “YES” and threw the note back to her and it was official: I scored a date to Blogger Prom. No small feat as Blogger Prom invited, I’m guessing, 100 or so of the hottest bloggers in SoCal to attend this shindig. I was told there were 220 people expected to attend which included dates, like myself.

This year’s theme was old Hollywood glamour and I was impressed at the way people really got decked out – boas, long gloves, fedoras, oh my! I threw on a dress that I bought for a friend’s wedding a few years ago. It looked a little more “dress I bought for a friend’s wedding a few years ago” than Hollywood glam, but it was nice. My shoes were really cute, so there. You can visit the Blogger Prom blog (how appropriate) to see some photos of the great outfits!

It was a really fun night of drinking, eating and drinking and eating… and of course, networking and socializing. Being a mother and a former LAMomsBlog contributor, I’m usually invited to “Mommy Blogger” events and while I did see some of my mom blogger friends there, it was a refreshing change of scenery to see and meet so many other types of bloggers. Bloggers who have never changed a diaper or spent their Friday night at Mickey’s Magic Show and considered it a BIG outing (yes, that’s where my boyfriend and I are taking my daughter tonight. It’s a family night “date”.)

Sweatpantsmom gets her taco!

My favorite consumptions of the night were the Pinky cocktail made with Pinky Botanical Vodka. Strong and yum! This amazing thing called “Cheese Sex” – creamy, salty cheese spread on a slab of peanut brittle? I shit you not. And the world’s cutest cup of carnitas on rice that I’ve ever had. There was so much to eat, I didn’t get to it all, but I left Yamashiro stuffed like a gyoza.
That’s the Cheese Sex, in the middle & that’s my Pinky cocktail right next to it!!
See! Super cute (the carnitas, not me)!

The BEST part about Blogger Prom 2010, however, was the charity recipient, Operation Frontline L.A. The good folks there are fighting hunger and teaching low income families to shop for and prepare low-cost, healthy meals. 100% of the proceeds for Blogger Prom went to this worthy cause and you can read more about it here.

A huge thank you to the Blogger Prom committee for a super fun evening! And I didn’t even have to take my dress off! I’m happy to report that Sweatpantsmom was a complete gentleman.

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