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Apr, 2012

All Aubrey Needs Is Love

I’m on day four on the road so I’m really missing my little Aubrey. I try not to be gone longer than five consecutive days at a time (that seems to be a real breaking point for both of us) but this week will be six by the time I get home on Saturday.

When I miss her a lot I torture myself by looking at our videos and her pictures, watching Modern Family episodes on ABC.com, etc. I’m a glutton for punishment.

Anyway, I thought I’d share our latest home video. We made it last week. Aubrey has been very interested in the concept of marriage lately. I think this is common for 4 yr olds. Anyway, she understands when two individuals love each other, they may choose to get married (unless they are being discriminated against… but that’s another blog). Having very little concept of adult, romantic love at this point, she believes marriage is simply about love. It’s very sweet and innocent.

The sweetest thing is that she has been telling me for a couple weeks now is that she wants to marry me. “I’m going to marry YOU, mommy!” Awwwww. I’ve explained to her that family members can’t marry each other, but she’s not buying it.

More recently, she has also expressed an interest in marrying our chihuahua, Bob Barker. I haven’t gotten into the inter-species aspect of why that’s never going to happen, but it sure is nice to know Bob and I are loved so much.

Here is Aubrey and Bob Barker’s quickie wedding ceremony. The happiest girls I know 🙂


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Mar, 2011

Comedian Amy Anderson On The Road Part III: Snow Storm!!
Greetings from Marshall, MN – the southwestern part of the state! A big chunk of the Midwest got hit with a snowstorm overnight and lucky me, it includes all the areas I’m currently in and supposed to be driving through today and tomorrow.

When I checked forecasts before leaving CA, it didn’t look like this kind of weather was going to happen, so I didn’t bring any gloves or a hat or even my regular winter jacket (smart, Anderson) but I’m a true Minnesotan at heart. I’ve had my cheap hotel waffle and a hot beverage and I’m ready to brush off that car and head to South Dakota! Nothing can stop my comedy. (Except maybe a Krispy Kreme donut.) (Or a little more snow.)

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Nov, 2010

Hi from Milwaukee, WI

This mama is on the road all week in America’s Dairyland; Wisconsin. I have two shows behind me this stretch and four more to go before I head home for a day and a half.

Sadly, I’ll be missing my boyfriend’s birthday on the 12th and as always, I miss him and my little girl, Aubrey. The comedian does not live a glamorous life nor and easy one. I’m all screwed up on the time changes – especially since daylight savings just ended too – and I haven’t been exercising so I don’t feel so awesome right now. Tomorrow, I’ll get on that. I was bummed when I arrived at my hotel to find out the hotel gym is being remodeled right now. Boo!

But I do get to see the country and sometimes the world. Why, tomorrow I’ll be driving to the exciting town of Appleton, WI and then on to La Crosse, Superior and Platteville. WOOT!

It’s late – better get to bed. Big day of driving and luggage schlepping tomorrow. 

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