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Jul, 2010

Who Wants FREE Menchies Fro-Yo?!

OK – This deal is for the Canyon Country location of Menchies ONLY, but there’s still something in it for you if you read on…

Screamin Coupons offers deep discounts on entertainment, restaurants, health and fitness, amusement parks, spas/salons and MORE all over Southern California and Utah. It’s free to register and if you use my exclusive link here, you will receive a $5 credit in your account.

The way it works is…
1) You register to receive the daily deal announcements.
2) Start receiving the deal announcements for your area only (you get to choose!), via email.
3) See an offer you can’t live without.
4) Buy the “coupon” that day & you usually have 3-5 months to redeem the coupon. That’s it!!

But wait, there’s MORE! The thing I love most about Screamin Coupons is they give 5-10% of their profits BACK to local schools and non-profits and YOU get to choose which school/organization you want your sales to go to! Save money and give back to your community? It’s a no-brainer. Also, they have a teriffic referral program which can earn you $10 in Screamin Coupons bucks! So what are you waiting for?

Remember, use this link to get a $5 credit:

AND here’s a cool deal for lovers of frozen yogurt in Canyon Country/Santa Clarita Valley. Buy this $5 coupon and get $10 worth of Menchies Frozen Yogurt at the Canyon Country location only.

The coupon is good until October 14, but you have to buy it TODAY!!

AND if you use my registration link, you’ll get a $5 credit in your account which equals… $10 worth of Menchies yogurt for FREE! Of course you can use the $5 credit for anything you want on Screamin Coupons, but this is a pretty killer deal for those of you in Canyon Country! I’m jealous as Menchies is one of my favorite places on earth!

So dig in and enjoy! Check back here for daily Screamin Coupon deals – I have a widget banner on the left to connect you directly to some of the best local SoCal deals so click away!

Happy summer and thanks for stopping by. 😉

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Jun, 2010

Awesome Screamin Coupons Deals!!

Hello Lovely People Of Blog Land!!

I recently became a brand ambassador for a super cool, newer company called, Screamin Coupons. Why are they so super cool? They give you giant discounts, like 50%-90%, on all kinds of great local products and services – like restaurants, spa treatments, golfing, wine tasting, family outings, and on and on and on – and 5%-10% goes back to LOCAL schools and non-profits. Helping build your community with a massage and a bottle of wine?! Yes, please. Duh. Read to the end and find out about a special deal just for MY readers…

Here’s how it works:

1) You check my blog (See the banner to the left? You can click there!) or sign up for a daily alert and find out what the current fabulous deal is
2) You buy your coupon on the Screamin Coupons‘ secure site
3) Share the deal with your friends and YOU could get an additional $10!
4) 5%-10% goes back to local school and non-profits

It’s just that easy and awesome! Different deals come up all the time, so it’s a good idea to sign up for the daily alerts

Registering with Screamin Coupons is free and anyone who registers HERE on my blog, will receive a $5 credit in their account!

Happy savings and let me know how Screamin Coupons works for you!

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Nov, 2009

Red Plum & YUM! Save Your Bucks :)

On November 18, I attended an event put on by Red Plum, called My Frugalicious Holiday at the not very “frugalicious” but super swank, SLS Beverly Hills Hotel. You’re more than likely thinking, “Red WHO?!” And honestly, that’s what I was wondering too when I got the invite. I was pleasantly surprised to find out more about Red Plum in a super fun setting, we had some delicious nosh and I even won a prize!!

Red Plum is a site you should all check out. Considering the tough economic times, it is nice to be able to tell you about a company that is helping you save a buck rather than JUST wanting to earn yours. RedPlum.com has coupons and deals for grocery, restaurants, online discount codes, life@home and style. Many of the coupons can be printed right from your own printer and there are actually practical ones that normal people use. I find that “coupon” and “bargain” sites often have a lot of ridiculous crap that most people aren’t interested in, like open a Fill-In-The-Blank Visa card today AND then purchase sixteen 100 oz bags of Johnny Cat Litter AND sign up for an online degree program to become a medical transcriptionist and then you will receive a $5 coupon to Babies R Us… even though your child is no longer a baby because it took so long for you to complete the required transactions. Oh and we’ll continue to charge your credit card $9.95/month for the Johnny Cat Litter unless you read this tiny little print and call the customer service number that will route you to a lady named “Tina” in India, to cancel your Johnny Cat Litter Club membership. And Tina will NOT let you cancel until she’s told you about all the reasons you need the litter and magically, at some point during this lengthy scripted, digitally altered spiel – you will get disconnected and have to start all over again. And you don’t even have a cat.
NOT at Red Plum though! I just found some really simple and decent deals to help save some bucks in everyday life.
At the My Frugalicious Holiday event we were treated to an amazing spread of Spanish tapas style appetizers and a full bar. I especially liked the “salted wrinkly potatoes”. No joke! They were awesome and I got the guys from the kitchen to tell me how to make them.
We also received some really cool, affordable gift ideas under $30 and a goodie bag full of some of the items. I think my favorite item was the “How Many Days Ago” which is a little kitchen gadget that will count off how many days food has been open in the fridge! You can get a suction cup, magnet or elastic band attachment and stick it onto a food item when you open it. No more guessing how long the left overs have been marinating in the back corner! This is a great stocking stuffer idea as they are only $8 for a pack of two!
Ikea helped sponsor the event and I was lucky enough to win a raffle prize of some Ikea candle holders! It was a really fun night with some great gift ideas for everyone! Thanks Red Plum!

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