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Feb, 2010

Another Year, Another Move

I’m not exactly sure, but I think I have moved EVERY DAMN YEAR since 2003 or 2004. And moved a hell of a lot before that too. Always different reasons. Some involving a man (rather not talk about it), a roommate, baby being born, landlord changes, etc. Said baby is a toddler now, I have happily shed said man, I’m getting older and, believe it or not, I’m in a relationship that might actually last – I’m feeling the need to fluff up the nest and stay a while. Problem is, I live in one of the most expensive counties in the US, but I love it. Furthermore, I have shared custody of my child and for me that means I’m here for now unless I want to ditch my kid. So…

I am currently renting a small house in a neighborhood that I LOVE, but the house can kiss my ass.
Here are the loves:
– Location, location, location! Great safe neighborhood, close to park, mall, stores, restaurants, quiet street, can hop right on to two of the biggest freeways in minutes. It’s uber convenient!
– Quality of life – I have several very wonderful friends within a couple miles or less of my front door. Some are even within walking distance.
– Love the house size and design
Here’s the not so much:
– This little house’s utilities are killing me! Power and gas are sky high and rent ain’t cheap. BUT rent ain’t cheap anywhere decent in L.A. County
– Old house is drafty and cold in winter – but cool in summer. Freezing my tush off right now. No insulation and the walls are paper thin.
– Pool – fun, but not worth the cost and liability with little ones around
– Maintenance crew is slower than a retarded snail (house is owned by an apt complex company)
– Major ant problem. Major.
– Electric dryer hook up. REALLY? Lame. Expensive.
– Why are my washer and dryer in my kitchen? REALLY? Lame. Noisy. Dusty.
– General condition of the house is not so great. Not immediately noticeable, visually, but the kind of old house BS that makes me REALLY glad I don’t own this place.
It’s been a nice little house to rent temporarily, but it’s just not where I want to stay for long. Aubrey will be starting pre-school this summer and I guess I’d rather get on with the getting on now and get it over with. I’d love to find a place to stay put in and, sadly, this just isn’t it.
Sick Of Moving

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