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Feb, 2012

Watching On Wikets!

So I’m back, telling you about another new feature added to my favorite new app, Wikets. This is the great new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app that I’ve been blabbing on and on about. Wikets is a new form of social shopping – recommend your favorite products, places, tunes and more and check out what your friends recommend when you are looking to buy. Get rewarded with points for making recs, buying via recs, re-recing others’ recs and cash in the points for Amazon gift cards. Simple and somewhat addicting.

The newest feature on Wikets is a video attachment feature so now you can recommend a song, a product… just about anything and attach a corresponding video from YouTube! You can either make your own video or attach any existing video. This way, other users can get an even better idea of why you love what you rec so much.

Here’s an example of one of my videos that is already on YouTube – my Southwest Airlines Elevator Standoff commercial.

And here’s a rec I just made today. Mostly because I love this video of Aubrey so much and having only one child, I can’t stop telling everyone how cute I think she is (awwwww… baby Aubrey) but also because we were big fans of the Miffy The Bunny DVDs when she was a toddler so why not tell my friends, and then entice then with an adorable video of a baby dancing to the theme song? (wow, that was a really long sentence) If someone buys through my rec, I get points! Woohoo!

Wikets is growing and improving every day. They are a new app, but already getting a lot of buzz and I’m  close to getting my first Amazon gift card, so that’s pretty amazeballs. Sorry, I swore I’d never use that stupid word, but I couldn’t resist.

If you sign up for Wikets and enter my promo code, you’ll get 200 bonus points. It’s a free app, so why not give it a try?!

Register here and when it asks for “promo code” enter funnyyellowmom. Get your 200 bonus points and tell me what you like! Also, this is a new app and the developers would love feedback! Leave a comment below if you try it and let me know what you think!


Disclosure: I was compensated for my post about Wikets and for trying the app. My opinions expressed here are solely my own because I wouldn’t lie to you about how much I love Miffy The Bunny. 

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Nov, 2011

WIKETS! Recs & Rewards!

Hi Peeps!

I’m helping a friend of a friend launch their new app called WIKETS. I just downloaded it today and it’s really quite cool. It’s kind of like Facebook meets Yelp meets Amazon meets Twitter… but not complicated at all.

You build a network of friends and make recs (recommendations) of products (your favorite blender, the best spatula you’ve ever bought, the warmest snowboarding mitts on the planet) and places (sushi that will make you die, only garage to get your car serviced, the Thai massage that made you cry for your mother…in a good way), build wish lists and then earn rewards like Amazon gift cards for using friends recs, wishlists and re-recs.

WIKETS is FREEEE and currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 4.1 or later.

Here’s one last thing I should mention – I’m in a contest to see who can ge the most people to download with their promo code. I can will a MILLION DOLLARS! 

OK, it’s actually only $500 but that could buy a lot of tater tots (currently Aubrey’s favorite food).

Here’s what to do:

1) Install WIKETS from the app store on your device, for free
2) Open the app on your device 
3) Create an account
4) During account creation, it will ask you if you have a promo code: FunnyYellowMom

That’s it! Then enjoy the app! It’s pretty fun and could be addictive… like you need another time sucker! HA!

You can follow me too, to see my recs. 🙂


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