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Mar, 2011

New Jelly Belly Bubbles For Easter!

Hey There! For all of you Easter Bunnies out there, I just found out about a fun new basket goodie that’s a nice alternative to the typical sugar overload – Jelly Belly brand has new scented bubbles! Woot!

Aubrey is almost four now, so she’s healthily obsessed with candy. I can’t blame her, I love candy too, but I do limit the amount of sweets she gets. Easter is just around the corner and while looking for a candy alternative for her basket I found these new Jelly Belly scented bubbles and I think they’ll be a big hit so I wanted to pass on the info!

I think most preschoolers like bubbles and what kid wouldn’t like a bubble that smells like a fruity sweet Jelly Belly? The bubbles come in a four different styles and each in three different colors/scents:

Jelly Belly Squeeze and Blow Pop-Up Bubbles

Jelly Belly Scented Bubble Necklace

Jelly Belly Scented On-The-Go Bubbles

All of these products are available in Very Cherry, Grape Jelly and Top Banana scents and  also look for the other new Jelly Belly Scented products: Body Wash, Nail Polish, Moisturizer, Ice Shaver, Stationery and Candles, all available on Amazon.com

I know Aubrey is going to go nuts for these in her basket and hopefully they will distract her enough to allow me to eat all of her Resse’s Peanut Butter Eggs and malted milk ball eggs. Hey, what’s the point in having a kid if you can’t put YOUR favorite candies in their Easter basket?

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