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Sep, 2011

Aubrey Explores Her Possibilities With Courtney Watkins

Hey, you forgot your pearl necklace, Courtney!

Aubrey and I attended a special event at the Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles with Courtney Watkins from Disney’s Family.com webisode show, The Possibility Shop

Courtney Watkins is a teacher, crafter, writer, hostess and super mom with the mostest. From what I can tell she’s kind of the Martha Stewart of family activities (aka the polar opposite of me). She even writes, creates and executive produces this webisode which leads kids and parents through creative activities, projects, games and more all fueled by your child’s imagination. No gimmicks, no game consoles or apps involved. Amazing, huh? 

Aubrey and her flaming flashlight!

Aubrey really enjoyed the activities that evening which included making shadow puppets and putting on a show, creativity exercises that were as simple as coming up with different uses for a lemon and playing the “Get To Know Me” game. She also got to make a flashlight into a pretend campfire with tissue papers, cellophane and rubberbands and then the kids set up a pretend camp ground! (Today at preschool, she brought her special flashlight for “share day”.)

Jar O S’mores

I think her favorite part of the night was getting to make a take-home S’mores snack jar, which I’m doling out to her in small portions at a time. Anything involving marshmallows is a hit with Aubrey.

You can check out The Possibility Shop webisodes on www.Family.com/PossibilityShop and follow the show on Twitter.com/PossibilityShop too!

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