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Jan, 2011

Aubrey Rocks Her Mullet

My daughter is three and a half years old and she really doesn’t have much hair. What she does have is really thin and wispy and it seems to grow in a beautiful mullet shape. She’s only had three haircuts in her life and it was because the front was finally starting to get in her eyes.

I know a lot of moms really want their little girls to have a glorious crown of locks and get upset when their little princess’ hair ends up, well, like my kids hair. I, personally, could care less. Chances are it will grow into a beautiful, healthy mane and she will do something horrific to it in her early teens anyway – like chop it into a mohawk, color it orange or let her gay friend from drama class “style” it for her. Whatever.

I am the youngest of four kids in my family and the only girl, so my mom was chomping at the bit to play with my long hair. She braided it and put it up in pig tails and pony tails. In third grade, I got the Dorothy Hamil haircut that was all the rage and my mom sat every morning before school and tried to tame my stubborn Asian straightness with a curling iron, attempting to get the under-curl just right. This usually resulted in my neck getting burned and by the time I got to the bus, the curl probably straightened too. 

Aubrey is still a little tiny turkey and I don’t want her worrying about her looks already. I’m not quite ready for that. So for now, we are enjoying the craziness of her little preschool mop and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s my little Muppet with a mullet and she’s ready to ROCK!!

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