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Dec, 2009

Sick AGAIN?!

This is Aubrey’s sick face… poor little turkey

Unbelievable, but my little Aubrey woke up with a sniffly/ runny nose again today and a slight cough. If this is actually another cold, this is the third one she’s had since the end of October on top of one day of a low grade fever earlier this week. She’s never been this sick, so it’s a real bummer around here. In fact she’s been sick more in the last month and a half than she has been her entire two and a half years of life.

I shouldn’t complain too much as she’s VERY healthy, in general. She’s never had the flu, ear infection, throwing up or any of the really yucky sicknesses that little ones tend to get.
I did have to remove petrified boogers from her nose today with a variety of implements and she screamed like I was giving her an alien probe. Her nanny had to hold her down while I did the boogie picking. It’s moments like these that make motherhood so special. Really. Really?
I also woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday until I saw my boyfriend dressed in his “casual Friday” clothes. I realized I have one less day than I thought I had to get a whole bunch of shit done. I have company coming over on Sunday and I have shopping, baking and healing of a toddler to get done. Better get to it!

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Jan, 2009

SICK and SICK of it!

I’ve been procrastinating on getting this blog started, mostly due to a busy work schedule right now. So here I am, writing my first post and it’s about being sick! AHHHH!

I rarely get sick. I’m a super healthy being, I eat fairly well and exercise fairly regularly. I’ve been blessed with a great immune system and I get sick maybe once a year. I got a bad cold on Christmas night and thought I was good for a while. But then… travel happened.
Nothing like sitting in a germy plane and touching lots of college students to give one a terrible sinus infection or something. I perform at a lot of colleges and universities these days and we all know what a breeding ground for illnesses campuses are. I had two shows in New England and came home last night for two quick days with my daughter before heading out for another week. I felt the sick coming on somewhere over the Midwest and ended up with a fever, body aches, the whole deal by bed time. 
I’m feeling a lot better now thanks to a restful day of NOT playing with my daughter (the whole reason I came home) but tomorrow night, I have to take a red eye, with a layover, to Maine and then drive a rental car six hours to do a show in Presque Isle. Stupid. Really stupid planning Amy Anderson. Wish me luck. I promise the blogs will be more interesting and entertaining after this!

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