Feb, 2013



This was a long, busy week for us and I told Aubrey she could have a “movie dinner” before bed. That’s when she’s allowed to sit in the ugly-but-comfortable-given-to-me-by-my-BFF-when-I-became-a-signgle-mom armchair and eat dinner from a tray while watching a DVD. It’s her favorite thing to do at night.

She picked “The Lorax” and snuggled under a blanket on our armchair. Then she offered to share the chair with me.

“Mom, do you want to sit next to me? There’s space right here for you mom and we can share the blanket,” she said, patting the tiny plot of cushion beside her.

As usual, I was scurrying around, busy assembling some sort of dinner, putting dishes away, filling the dog’s water bowl, throwing shoes on the shoe rack. I finally came back with food for both of us and again she offered, “And when you’re done eating you can sit next to me on the chair.”

Sometimes her clinginess is exhausting, but hers is truly the sweetest love I have ever known. It is genuine and pure. After we finished eating, we most certainly did sit together, sharing a blanket, on a Friday night. 

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  1. Julie says:

    Awww. So sweet. Would that ugly arm chair by any chance be made out of some sort of fake velvety fabric? LOL! Enjoy all the cuddles you can get from her while she’s still clingy… she’s growing up too fast! Enjoy your weekend!

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