Nov, 2011

Two Princesses

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I have a CRAZY week coming up with a show in CT on November 17, then a show in WA state on November 19, then home to pick up Aubrey in SoCal on November 20 and leave for MN on the same day. We’ll land in Minneapolis late that night and head up to the nowhereland my parents decided to retire in the next morning to hang there for Thanksgiving. It’s a 2.5 hour drive from Minneapolis.

We’ll be travelling alone, Aubrey and me, and anyone who has travelled alone with a young child knows how harrowing of an event it can be. Fortunately, Aubrey is good as gold on an airplane because she loves flying, loves getting snacks and watching videos and having her own seatbelt and tray. She thinks it’s a hoot. But it’s still a ton for work for mom – lots to schlep alone. I’m dreading the schlep, but looking forward to the time with family and playing in the snow with Aubrey and her cousin, David.

Anyway, this was a really roundabout way of saying this week has been really busy getting ready to head out for work and holiday travel, back to back. Today was the only afternoon to spend with Aubrey before I leave and we took a little time to play princess. Aubs isn’t all that much into the princess scene (thank God) but she does love to dress up in anything frilly or silly. She got out these princess crowns and made up her own rules. This girl never stops cracking me up!


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