Jul, 2010

We Partied Like It Was 1990... Sans Hair

Dorky enough for ya? One of the BEST days of my life! FREEDOM!

Last weekend, I attended my 20th high school reunion in Excelsior, MN. I graduated from Minnetonka High School in 1990 and let’s just get the unpleasantries out of the way right now. No, I did not enjoy my high school experience very much. In fact, I was dying to get out of this school and lived for my escape to college on the East coast.

This is not to say that I didn’t have some wonderful friends – some of whom I’m still good friends with today – and even received a top notch education there. Academically, it was an excellent public school and even though I didn’t crack a book or earn an A while I was there, I did actually learn something. For instance, see what a fabulous writer I am now? (Just don’t ask me what X equals. I still don’t know.)

Minnetonka was a “good” school because it was in an upper class suburb. What I have learned time and time again since then is that “good” schools are often full of “bad” kids. There was an amazing sense of entitlement amongst the kids at Minnetonka High School and I don’t imagine it’s too different today. The disparities between the categories of kids (jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, headbangers, geeks, etc) were abysmal. I know these “classes” of popularity exist at any school, but they were extra special lame as shit at my school. 

One very popular girl who sat right next to me in a class day after day, never once said a word to me until she saw me driving a red convertible home one afternoon. The next day, she said, “I saw you leaving the parking lot yesterday. You have a really nice car.” I said, “Oh it’s my mom’s.” She said, “Oh.” And she never spoke to me again. We were sixteen. You see, if you didn’t drive a car to school after you turned 16… LOSER. We had a two page, color spread in our senior yearbook dedicated to students’ cars. No, really. It was a snotty school with its fair share of mean kids.

I was one of those mid-level floaters. I had friends all over the place – jocks, brains, music nerds, art geeks, cheerleaders – but my closest friends were the brains. The over achievers. Why? I still don’t know to this day. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe I thought hanging around the kids who cared a lot about their grades would somehow make up for my lack of effort. I was that kid who never studied, never listened or took notes and then would get a decent enough grade on the tests to pass the class. I turned in about 3/4 of my assignments. I never did extra credit. I just. Didn’t. Care.

I never went to a school dance. I didn’t go on a date until college. I only did three extracurricular activities my entire four years there (Madrigals, women’s quartet and cross country skiing. I was horrible at the latter but it was the genesis of a lifelong love/hate relationship with running as there was no snow the year I joined.)

I was one of a very small group of ethnic minorities in our school. There were some ESL students who weren’t mainstreamed in our classes and there were a few other Asian kids, a few Jewish kids, there was one girl who was half black and… well that was it out of 450 in our class. I felt like an outsider and dreaded going there every day. I didn’t have a super happy family life at the time and if it hadn’t been for my closest friends, I don’t think I would have made it through.

Some of my besties!

One would think that a student of this ilk would be somewhat bitter about their high school years but it’s soooo far in the past now. Like, um, 20 years. WHAAA?!! Enough water has gone under the bridge and at our reunion, I was pleased to find that the people from Minnetonka’s class of 1990 have grown up into lovely adults. At least the ones who came to the reunion. I’m guesstimating (don’t you hate that word?) far less than half of our class showed.

I’ve known both of these people since elementary school!

The most interesting part of the reunion was hearing what people were doing with their lives. There were some surprises, but most were typical. And I mean that in a good way. I guess what I’m getting at is the people who you thought were so much prettier than you, smarter than you, more popular than you, or whatever – well, 20 years later they’re mostly all collecting a paycheck, raising kids, putting on bigger clothes, combing fewer hairs on their heads – and in this case, seemed a little more down to earth than maybe they were as a teenager. I can only hope they are raising their kids to be a little kinder and gentler as well.

I’m glad I went. I can’t say the prime rib buffet, cash bar and Target bakery cupcakes with blue frosting ‘M’s were worth the $50, but seeing some people from my past as actual people for the first time was. And I stole two dozen cupcakes on my way out the door. So it’s all good.

The Sweet Taste of Reunion


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  1. Lexi says:

    I love that you stole the cupcakes!

  2. Mickey says:

    glad you had a blast…love your hair, too! You look fantastic Amy!

  3. Sandy C says:

    VERY WELL SAID Amy!!! You pretty much summed up exactly how I felt about Minnetonka High School as well. I'm glad you got to go and experience it as that is how I felt when I went to our 10 year reunion. Now, I can't wait until our…um…30. AAAHHH!

  4. Simply Playing says:

    I'm so glad you were my date for the reunion Amy! Except for the lack of a corsage you were fantastic! I agree wholeheartedly that the passage of time really had a refreshing effect on so many – what do people care about now – their cars, well maybe, but mainly it's their kids, and we can all relate to that.

  5. Halle says:

    You certainly nailed Minnetonka in my experience as well. We looked at buying a house in the Minnetonka district but opted not to for some of the reasons you shared. I didn't want my kids to grow up in that kind of school.

    Fun pictures! I'm a little sorry I skipped the reunion but now I'm looking forward to our 30yr…holy moly, did I just say that?!?!

  6. Kim H. says:

    I grew up in Minnesota until the age of 11. Then attended a high school in Omaha that was just like what you described, but I did have fun during my high school years. I don't think I was the typical snobby dance squad girl, but have been told a few years ago peeps thought differently, oh well, I didn't like them anyway…jk!!

    I have my 25 year reunion coming up. My 20 year was fun, but I was amazed that people were still stuck in the high school clique mode and one couple were close friends of mine! They figured since they attended the casual event on Friday evening, they didn't need to attend the Saturday evening event, because they saw everyone they already 'wanted' to see and they went out as a group. Thanks for supporting me guys, I was the planner of the reunion due in part because my hubby was class president(nerd!). I'm too old for this crap of cliques, let's hope people grew up in time for the 25 year.

  7. Dave Hruby says:

    You never got an A? Huh? I guess when you hang with the brains you get smart points by association. Next time I go through High School (reincarnation here I come!), I'm going to hang with the tall kids. Maybe I'll get tall points by association.

  8. April says:

    I'm glad you stole those cupcakes. You have totally lost weight since I saw you last!

  9. Jake says:

    I love foxes. A few years ago we had a female fox who used to leave her cubs on our patio to play while she went in serach of food. We used to sit and watch them play fighting We never managed to get pictures as good as yours though We had a little snow on Sunday but all gone now. I would like more but not until after I get back from Thursday’s funeral

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