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Amy on Showtime

Amy on Showtime

Hi Everyone!

Is it hot enough for you?! Our summer is going by FAST and Aubrey and I have spent a nice amount of time in the pool and in the air conditioning. We’re very grateful for both!

This summer involves lots of horseback riding for Aubrey, acting classes and hanging out with friends. We’ve seen lots of movies and shows and have some exciting premieres coming up. Watch for Aubrey at the Teen Titans premiere and the Disney Christopher Robin movie premiere. We can’t wait for those!

Amy has been going on a lot of auditions, reading a lot, and working toward launch of a new retail product line. Info to be released shortly!

Our YouTube channel, FoodMania Review continues to grow and we are still having a blast making our videos. Please subscribe, share and like our channel, if you haven’t already.

Here is a Jack In The Box commercial Amy has running right now:  TACO OBSESSION

Thanks for stopping by!

xo A&a