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Amy on Showtime

Amy on Showtime

Hi Everyone!

OH MY GOD! Is school over yet? I’m really ready to be done with 4th grade. I guess I mean for Aubrey to be done with 4th grade. I finished 4th grade over 30 years ago, but you know what I mean. I’m kind of over it. We are ready for summer fun!

Our YouTube channel, FoodMania Review continues to grow and we are still having a blast making our videos. Please subscribe, share and like our channel, if you haven’t already.

As always, I am doing stand up, working on tv pitches, running to auditions, and booking jobs here and there. Aubrey is riding horses and scooters and growing like she’s getting paid by the inch.

Here is a Kia commercial I have running right now – don’t blink! I’m the one in pink:


I’m trying to get out and do more local stand up shows during the Modern Family hiatus, so check my calendar as I’ll update it when I add performances.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo A&a