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Amy on Showtime

Amy on Showtime

Apparently, I know squat about putting photos onto this page. I just tried to update the background photo to the left – since it’s over 3 years old – and it was a disaster. You’ll have to continue to look at our former selves until I can get my brilliant sister-in-law to help me for free when we visit Minnesota next week.

October is a busy one. As I just mentioned, Aubrey and I will be heading to Minnesota to perform on stage together for the first time at Illusion Theater in Minneapolis. More details on my calendar page! Then I’ll be traveling to beautiful Cincinnati to perform at Xavier University. Last time I was in Cincinnati, Aubrey was in utero! This month, I’ll also be seen on TruTV’s new series “How To Be A Grownup” and I’ll be shooting an episode of “Comics Unleashed” at the end of September. Stay tuned for air dates and I’ll post everything on the calendar here on my site.

Happy fall and thanks for checking in!

:) aa