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Amy on Showtime

Amy on Showtime

I just returned from a glorious 2.5 child-free days with friends in ┬áNYC. I saw Alan Cumming in Cabaret (HOLY COW! So, so good!), visited college friends, got to know some new friends better, ate some awesome meals and had the best time ever. I’m feeling inspired and revived and ready to take on the busy fall with gusto.

I just added some really cool stand-up performances in Santa Barbara on September 4 at the New Vic Theatre and I’ll be shooting an episode of “Comics Unleashed” at the end of September. Later this fall, I’ll also be seen on TruTV on their new series “How To Be A Grownup”. Stay tuned for air dates and I’ll post everything on the calendar here on my site.

Aubrey and I just shot some new photos so I’ll be posting those soon, as well.

Welcome to our busy lives! Thanks for all of your support and for stopping by!

:) aa