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Amy on Showtime

Amy on Showtime

Happy Holidays, everyone! I love/hate this time of year. I love the parties and get togethers. Receiving gifts is fun and the break from school and work is awesome, but I try to keep at least a million miles away from any store and mall and I have to eat a thousand cookies and then lose 10 lbs for the SAG Awards. So, there’s that.

Speaking of which, a huge congrats to the cast of Modern Family for their SAG Award nomination. TV comedy will be a very interesting category this year and anything could happen.

As always, Aubrey and I are keeping busy. I just finished shooting an episode of “Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen” and some new stand up booking for the spring are starting to roll in.


Modern Family is beginning their holiday hiatus and we are really ready for the break. Mostly the break from the 405 south. (Sorry, that was SO L.A.). The hiatus also frees us up to focus on others and we were really honored to be able to deliver a bunch of toys to the children in the Richie Pediatric Trauma Center of Northridge Hospital.

I’m also continuing my bi-weekly blog for called, The Hollywood Mamalogues. I keep forgetting to post the links on here, so… here you go!

OK, better get to bed. We have a full day of Knott’s Berry Farm ahead of us to celebrate the beginning of vacation! Aubrey and I wish ALL people a holiday season of peace and love.

xo aa