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Aug, 2010

The New Disney Store At Santa Monica Place!

On August 6, Aubrey and I were lucky enough to be invited to the grand opening of the new Disney Store at the newly remodeled Santa Monica Place shopping mall. It was also the grand opening of the new mall so it was anything but boring!

If the ears fit… WEAR ‘EM!

We went with our good friends Bernadette and her little one, Isabella. Our girls have been playing together since Isabella was born, so it was a blast to watch them explore together! 

Before I launch into how much fun we had at the Disney Store, I’d like to say bravo to the Santa Monica Place mall for a beautiful remodel. It’s quite an improvement and I’m sure business will be booming. With outdoor dining terrace seating that overlooks the Santa Monica Pier and our beautiful Pacific Ocean, new stores, open air shopping, new food options and more, I know we will be back soon. Aubrey loves to hang out on the 3rd street promenade and the pier area, so this gives us even more options to play… and another place to use the potty. Hey, never underestimate the importance of strategically planned potty vicinity activities when you’re hanging with a 3 year old!

So… the new Disney Store!! So much fun! Along with our special invite, we were treated to an early VIP entrance tour of the store. Constance showed us around and did a great job highlighting all of the new special features and events happening there. Thanks Constance! 

The new Disney Stores are focusing on customer interaction, hands on activities and spontaneous visuals and experiences. It’s not just about buying and leaving anymore. Of course they still want you to buy, but now, you and your kids will really want to stay! We especially loved the large, color changing trees throughout the store, following Tinkerbell’s animated figure as it appeared on the wall and hopped to the next and or course – Aubrey’s personal favorite – hugging all of the plush characters! Too cute. So cute, I forgot to take a picture of her attacking the Mickey Mouse dolls!

Here are the girls trying out some of the new stuff at the stores:

Isabella & Aubrey check out the coloring/activity station!

The new in-store theater with interactive selection screen pad. Watch movie clips, cartoons & music videos!

Constance shows us the new Cars building station! 
Aubrey tries out a Magic Wand & the Princess Mirror!

There was also an opportunity to have lunch with Disney Store President, Jim Fielding, but we had to pass as we were wrangling two overly excited preschoolers. Also, the mall was a MADHOUSE since it was the grand opening, but I was impressed that Fielding would make himself so available to the social media individuals there and really appreciated the opportunity being offered.

Hannah Montana Forever stars, Jason Earles and Moises Arial also made appearances along with Mickey and Minnie, but we missed that too. Ever tried getting anywhere on time with a two year old and a three year old? HELP!

Overall, the outing was a great success and we all had so much fun at the happiest store on earth. Aubrey likes to wear her mouse ears when we run errands and now she’s especially geared up for our trip to the Magic Kingdom in October when her cousin, David, from Minnesota comes to visit! We can’t wait! 

Thank you Disney Stores for this wonderful day in Santa Monica with our girls! 

I did not receive compensation for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed here on this blog are entirely my own. So there!

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