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Aug, 2009

Funny In Seattle

I am up in Seattle getting ready for my stand up debut at The Comedy Underground! I’m really excited to finally have a Seattle performance under my belt. I haven’t been here since I was a kid and I have to say, it’s a really awesome city. HOWEVER, I am here during some of the nicest weather of the year. It’s dry, warm but not hot, and DRY! No rain! It kind of tricked me into thinking I could live here… but then I remembered, it rains here a looooooootttttt. No thanks. I’d actually rather be snowed on than rained on. But more than anything, I’d rather not have anything falling on me. Thus… Los Angeles.

It is a really cool city though and I enjoyed the Underground tour, the funky glass library, the first Starbucks, the Pike Place Market and a really sweet peach/strawberry smoothie.
If YOU are here in Seattle, I sure hope you can make it to my show tomorrow night and if you’re not here, please tell your Seattle friends! Here is the info:
Wed, Aug 26 @ 8:30pm
Amy Anderson Headlines
The Comedy Underground
109 S Washington St
Seattle WA 98104
*Click HERE to Buy Tickets!
Come out and support me in my Seattle comedy debut with Andrew Rivers (emcee) and local Seattle favorite, Sean Ottey.
ALSO, I’ll be on the Bob Rivers show on 102.5 fm KZOK – tomorrow, Wed, Aug 26 at 9am! Bob’s son is Andrew and he will be emceeing the Underground show! It’s gonna be a great night!
Later Lovers! Thanks for all your support! xo

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Aug, 2009

I'm in Washington this week!!

Hey Everyone!

I’m on the road up in Washington state and don’t hate, but the National Lentil Festival is going on, right here in Pullman, WA which is where I am right this very moment. Well, I’m in my hotel room, so I’m missing the lentil filled action, but I think I can imagine it. My Persian friend, Nadine Rajabi, said that Iranians have a superstition about lentils: that if a woman eats them while she’s pregnant, her baby will be smart. Poor Aubrey… she’s doomed.
I’m performing at Washington State University tonight at 10:30pm and then on Wed, Aug 26, I’m headlining The Comedy Underground in downtown Seattle. I’m REALLY excited for this show and I hope you can come if you’re in the area. If you’re not in the area, please tell your friends. I will make them laugh or I will come and do your laundry. I promise.
I’m also looking forward to visiting friends and family during this trip and I’ll openly admit to being a little relieved to get the heck out of Dodge for a few days too. Life has been beyond crazy these last several weeks (see last post) and while I’m the type of person who can’t totally relax with unfinished business at home, it’s still nice to take a little break before going back into the trenches.
Local SoCal shows, Las Vegas, MA, OH and GA are coming up this fall and many more TBA! I hope to see you at a show soon!

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Aug, 2009


In the last couple of weeks I:
– did shows in Meridian, ID
– did a show in San Jose, CA
– had stressful disagreement with commercial agent
– fired commercial agent
– hired new commercial agent
– fired a nanny
– sort of hired a new one
– new nanny was arrested by CHP and I had to sort of un-hire her and kick her out of my house
– boyfriend’s car was stolen in Malibu
– boyfriend’s car was recovered 2 days later – thousand’s of $s of valuables gone including Garmin Zumo 550 GPS, SCUBA gear, wallet, driver’s license, credit cards, cash, prescription glasses, jacket, sunglasses…
– still need to figure out nanny situation and get my commercial agent to send me the money she owes me
I’m leaving for Washington (WSU in Pullman and The Comedy Underground in Seattle) tomorrow and it will be nice to escape and pretend my life isn’t total chaos at home. At least my two year old is peeing in the potty! There’s some good news!
SO… who’s coming to my shows in Washington?!

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