Nov, 2011

Anderson Family Thanksgiving Update

We are here in rural MN!! Here’s a quick run down of the Anderson family Thanksgiving frolic and drama, thus far:

– Airplane ride with Aubrey went very smoothly. She’s an angel to travel with until…
– Got to the rental can and Aubrey hated the smell of the air freshener so much she started to cry and screamed, “This car smells disgusting!” Right in front of the Enterprise lady. That lady was a bitch anyway, so it’s all good. 
– Boyfriend arrived on a separate flight and has been on good man behavior
– Mom fell and broke her shoulder yesterday (uh… yes)
– Went to a big indoor water park with Aubrey, SIL, nephew and boyfriend today which was a much needed getaway from the house for the kids. And adults. 
– Have eaten more carbs in 3 days than I’ve eaten in all of 2011 leading up to now
– Found out my mom’s bathroom scale is 4 lbs under actual weight. DAMN YOU SCALE!
– Got my newsletter mailed out
– Got an interview for a show I’d love to be on
– Watched the new episode of Modern Family with MY Modern Family
– Ate Dairy Queen and Culver’s – awwwwww yeaaaaaahhhh!
– Back is killing me from the very stiff mattress in my parents’ guest room
– Having a great time being with Aubrey. She makes every day sun shiny!

Tomorrow is the big T-Day. We’ll see if my boyfriend drinks too much and picks a fight with me, how long it takes for either my dad, my brother or me to yell at my mother to sit down and rest (remember, she broke her shoulder?! She WILL attempt to do it all with a sling and an oxygen tank.) and if Aubrey can make if through one more day with her cousin without a time out. She came VERY close tonight.

Tis the season! I give thanks for my interesting family. What else would I blog about?


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