May, 2011

Four Is Not The New 30.
So, all parents whose kids are older than 5 years know that the “Terrible Twos” is a complete misnomer and even a joke compared to 3 and 4 year old behavior. 

Aubrey is rapidly careening towards her 4th birthday on June 6 and she is crazier than ever. There’s an uber-irrationality that comes along with 3 and 4 year old mental processing and it’s not worth anybody’s time trying to figure it out. You try to get a straight answer out of a tired 3/4 year old, you get this:

This craziness is a result of Aubrey not wanting to pee before going to the park. Do you now understand why I can’t be on time to anything for the next 14 years?

We don’t use any corporal punishment in our household, but I now know who spankings were invented for. Every once in a while, the temptation is strong, but I’m very fortunate that Aubrey is, in general, a really fun, sweet, easy going kid and actually, quite easy to reason with. No really, she is fairly logical for a kid when she’s in a good mood. It’s only when she’s tired that the beast is released and it always seems to be when I’m the most tired as well. 

It’s all good. Once we get through this crazy 4th year, I hear things get quite lovely until they turn 12 or so. Then I’m supposed to prepare for the return of the beast x ten. 


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  1. Aeyoung says:

    What liienatbrg knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

  2. Hey, that’s the greatest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  3. The bloke is a fool, not only that but a dangerous fool, and who knows what his red neck followers will do now?, {slash up would be a good start?)Melbourne?, I doubt it because you need a little bit of talent at least and our man Jim wouldn’t know it if he was bathing in it!, I for one hopes he goes back to tamworth or where ever he’s from and stays there,“YOUR A DUD JIMBOB”

  4. Á, értem. Tehát a kutya szempontja. Enni ad neki, simogatja, megdicséri, elviszi sétálni. Vagy mit tudom én, elviszik egymást sétálni. Énekel neki. Együtt alszik vele. A kutyának nem mindegy, hogy látja-e a gazdija vagy nem?

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