Mar, 2011

Fresh & Easy's New California Wines!
Marsha (@Sweatpantsmom) and I get to tasting!

Fresh and Easy is my FAVORITE grocery store and now there is yet another reason to sing their praises – NEW WINE!!

F & E has added 27 new varieties of proprietary brand wines from our very own delicious California grapes and some of us lucky local bloggers, foodies and Tweeters were invited to a tasting party at the Smog Shoppe in Culver City.

The Smog Shoppe was the perfect and coolest venue for this event. An actual former automobile smog-check garage, it was converted into an eco-friendly, indoor/outdoor event center. I’m telling you – it is one of the best kept secrets in Culver City! You can get married there, screen your newest cinematic masterpiece or have a party and eat and drink like pigs. I’ll give you one guess which one we did.

We were treated to a tasting of four of the new Cali wines:
Open Field Pinot Gris
Cloud Valley Chardonnay
Open Field Pinot Noir
Barrel Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

I think the general consensus of the night was that pinot noir was the favorite. While many people I talked to really liked the pino gris, I have to admit that the white wines weren’t too awesome tasting to me, but I was like, “rock on with the reds, dude” (I’m trying to give a California-ny description). 

All 27 of the new wines are offered at affordable prices with the most expensive bottles being $19.99 and the bargain bottle being only $3.99! Quality drinking at recession prices. I like.

Bernadette (@Bernadette923) and I enjoying some great F & E appetizers

We also enjoyed a full belly of Fresh and Easy fare ranging from cheeses and fruit, to ceviche, to stuffed artichoke hearts to lobster ravioli to cookies and chocolate cupcakes. There was even more and I’m getting hungry just remembering everything we consumed that night.

Get to your local Fresh and Easy store and dig in! There is so much to enjoy there and now you have 27 more reasons to go.  :0)

Ceviche and skewers = Party!


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