Sep, 2010

My little schoolgirl!

Today is my birthday. At least it’s the day that I celebrate as my birthday. Many of you know my little orphan backstory… I was abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, at the Yongsan Train Station on September 3, 1972. I was estimated to be two days old, so… September 1st was the birthdate I was given. It Could be correct or slightly off, so I guess we’ll never know if my numerology charts are accurate or not. Dang.

Well, I’m officially 38, as far as I’m concerned and I really enjoy getting older. I love my birthday and like most people, I’ve never felt the need to lie about my age. Maybe because I still look 8-10 years younger than I am, but I don’t want to brag. Let’s face it, it’s one of the great advantages of being of Asian descent. That and the ability to pretend you don’t speak-y Engrish in difficult situations and then just walk away. It really works. 

Today is also my little Aubrey’s first day of fall preschool! She already went for the entire summer, so it’s just another day to her, but she will have some new classmates and will also be attending 5 days a week instead of 3 now. I’m so proud of my little turkey! She’s a keeper. (Check back in with me in 10 years though.)

Better run. It’s almost time to pick her up. Have a great September 1st everyone and if you need an excuse to enjoy a piece of cake today, please, feel free to use me. 


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  1. Suzy says:

    I've been to Seoul three times and knowing you were abandoned on those streets breaks my heart.

    I hope all the darkness is behind you and glad you chose comedy as your future. Happy Birthday kiddo.

  2. Terra says:

    Ah, celebrating the seasons of life. May beauty surround your journey.

  3. vinzinsou@gmail.com says:

    Hey Amy! Good to meet you guys on the HK walk of fame today. Sucks that I can't make your show before I fly out, but I'll send word to the peeps at my hotel to go check out your show this week. Couldn't find you on twitter, but hopefully you let me know when you do a show in DC or NY.

  4. Amy Anderson says:

    I'll definitely let you know! Nice meeting you out in the steamy, blazing sun of Hong Kong! Continued safe travels and thanks for visiting my blog. Here's my Twitter: @TheAmyAnderson

  5. Gabi532 says:

    As your fellow Indian adoptee, I do know my birthday, but 'Lord only knows about the rest!'

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