Jan, 2011

Minnie's Masquerade And The Mickey Mote!

About three months ago, I wrote a review of the new Disney Mickey Mote, interactive kid’s remote for use with special Disney DVDs. While we weren’t thrilled with the Mickey Mote at that time, I knew it was just a little too soon for Aubrey to grasp the concept and have the patience to listen to the video’s instructions before pushing the buttons. My prediction was that in a few months, she would get the hang of it and love it… and I was RIGHT! She LOVES the Mickey Mote now and just in time for a new interactive DVD. Am I clairvoyant or what?

Lucky for us, we got to preview the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse : Minnie’s Masquerade DVD with the Mickey Mote and she is hooked. She loves anything Disney, of course, but especially Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. They are her current faves.

In Minnie’s Masquerade – Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Daisy – take families on a new adventure as they dress up in costumes for Minnie’s Masquerade Ball. This DVD features four episodes previously seen on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show, a never before seen episode and a fun masquerade paper mask that kids can personalize.

Ignore the basket of laundry behind my child – I’m such a professional photographer.

Aubrey is having a great time with this new Minnie DVD and she even insisted in teaching her 64 year old nanny how to use the Mickey Mote with it!

The DVD can be watched just like a regular DVD or used with the interactive Mickey Mote. I love the Mickey Mote feature too because Aubrey is actually engaged and thinking while watching rather than sitting like a couch potato (the way I like to watch tv – shhh) and it even works with our 3 year old, $39, total piece of crap DVD player. (Yes, I’m that cheap. Or broke. Or both.)

Look for this awesome new DVD in stores February 8th and you can pre-order on many websites now:
Single Disc DVD + Mickey Mote = $29.99
Single Disc DVD = $19.99


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