Apr, 2012

Singing In The Dead Of Night. All Night. Argh.

Any bird experts out there? (I guess I’m looking for an ornithologist?) There are three tennis courts right out side of my bedroom window and the sounds from the tennis courts reverberate in such a way that they sound like they’re right in my bedroom when I have my window open. In SoCal, I have my window open a lot, especially at night when it’s nice and cool.

About 3 or so months ago – hell, who’s counting – some lone bird starting singing it’s beak off all night long. It’s right in the tennis court trees and it literally starts when in the evening and sings all night long. I fall asleep to it singing and wake up to it singing.

First off, I am a HUGE animal lover, but I have never wished I owned a bb gun quite so badly. I made a brief video a few nights ago, not for the visual, but so I could post the singing and you can hear it. Anyone able to tell me what kind of bird this is? I’m curious. Any WHY won’t it SHUT UP IN TH MIDDLE OF THE DAMN NIGHT?!!!! Thank you. Here’s the video… listen to the sound of the ___bird:


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