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Apr, 2012

Wikets: Win Something For Doing Almost Nothing

Feeling lazy but want something for free AND something for a friend? Well do I have the contest for you.

I’ve been helping this awesome new app called Wikets get off the ground and they are killing it right now. It really is a fun app, it’s free and if you don’t have it yet, you are pretty much missing out on free Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Ebay, Home Depot and iTunes gift cards for doing almost nothing. Seriously, it is so easy to rack up points and redeem them for gift cards and you’ll get some great ideas for products for your family, home, gifts and more!

Wikets has been growing like gangbusters so they decided to try their first contest! OK, first you need download Wikets to your fabulous Apple product:

1) Get Wikets from the Apple App Store
2) When you register use my promo code “funnyyellowmom” and get 200 bonus points – holla!
3) Start rec-ing, rerec-ing, buying, earning points and getting those gift cards

OK now that you’ve done that – click “Feed” on bottom left, go to the Questions tab at the top of the screen and look at Batman’s question: “Whar product $25 or less would you most want to give to a friend?”

It Looks Like This

10 of the most heartfelt, interesting, fun and creative recs (you make a recommendation for what you would give a friend) will be chosen! The winners will get to send ANY one of the winning recs to one of their Wikets friends AND you could choose any of the items rec’d for yourself! Item MUST be $25 or less.

The contest is live now and is on until 11:59pm EST on May 1, 2012. Maximum 3 entries per person! Rec it up people!



I am being compensated for pimpin out this rad new app, but the opinions expressed are truly my own – for realz yo.

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Feb, 2012

I Rec Wikets!

Last week I mentioned a new app I’m helping launch, called Wikets and it is becoming more and more addicting as I go. I’ve been exploring all the different recs (recommendations) from friends and new followers, making note of different restaurants and bakeries around L.A. metro that I want to try and discovering new books that look so good if I ever can stay awake long enough to read one. I think the best part so far, has been checking out the day to day items my friends have in their house. Seeing if we use the same stuff or finding out something that might be better based on recs from someone I trust. That’s a big part of Wikets. Personally, the majority of my purchases come from recommendations from friends and family. I rarely try something new without asking trusted friends first and I’m also the kind of person who LOVES to tell people about something that I LOVE! That’s what Wikets is all about!

Know of a great artist on Etsy you want to tell your friends about? Think you know where to get the best bbq ribs in town? How about the awesomest Chinese foot massage in the Valley? DO TELL!

Wikets is still in it’s early stages, so they are continuing to add more businesses to their store list and recently added Petco, The Disney Store and YouTube! Now you can recommend all of your favorite adorable hiccuping baby animal viral videos.

A new feature they just added is “Ask for a Rec”. If you’re looking for a great new nail salon in your hood or wondering which Blu-Ray player gets the best bang for your buck, you can ask your followers and if the people who follow you back and give you their recs. Pretty cool.

Best part is they are working fast to get their rewards program in place. You will earn points for making recs, re-rec’ing things you like and making purchases off of others’ recs. Then you will be able to use your accumulated points to trade in for merchant gift cards! Woot!

Here’s how to try out Wikets for free and get 200 bonus points: 

Download Wikets from the App Store

– When prompted for a promo code, enter my code: funnyyellowmom

This way you will auto-follow me AND you’ll get 200 bonus points – that’s double the normal promo code points.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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