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Dec, 2011

Bacon Jam at WEST Restaurant and Lounge
Bernadette & I downing shots of fresh corn soup (AMAZING!) and crispy quail egg on bacon jam – Thank you Chef Woolf!

Last week the Mom Bloggers of MomsLA and I hit the top floor of the beautiful Hotel Angeleno in Los Angeles for a holiday get together at their WEST Restaurant and Lounge. It was so much fun and a much needed break from the room I call my “OFFRY”(that’s a super lame combination of “office” and “laundry”. I think you know where I’m coming from.

If you haven’t been up to the Hotel Angeleno, you may not realize that it’s not the old Holiday Inn it once was, years ago. I’m talking about that cylindrical hotel off Sunset and the 405 southbound. It is now a chic, hip hotel with an awesome, grown up restaurant and lounge on the 17th floor, offering stunning view of the city lights… and there aren’t any more lights anywhere in the city than the 405.

WEST is a perfect gathering place as a pretty central location for most Los Angeles area folks and… I know I’m getting old, but I love that it’s truly sophisticated without being pretentious. There aren’t poser hipsters wearing clothes so ugly that they’re cool, no hip-hop music blaring, no Rosetta Stone language audios being piped into the bathroom (anyone get that reference?). It’s just a nice comfy place with great drinks, amazing food, perfect ambience, spectacular location. Prices are a little up there, but I have several friends who have had their birthday get togethers here and have had a great time. Oh, and there’s live music on 

So if you want to learn more AND help me to win a “staycation” there, check out their Facebook page and “LIKE” the link I post to this blog! I have absolutely nothing to give you in return other than my undying affection and gratitude. But come on… consider it a holiday gift. Just a click:


In the meantime, do yourself a favor and get yourself a spoonful of crispy egg on bacon jam. That’s right bitches, BACON JAM. Chef Matthew Woolf is cooking up some mean dishes up there. 

Thanks and enjoy!! aa

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