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Jun, 2010

The California ScienCenter is TREE-Mendous!

This morning, Aubrey and I were treated to a special tour of the California ScienCenter’s Exploring Trees Inside and Out exhibit and we had so much fun, we almost couldn’t handle it. OK, Aubrey had a small breakdown of 3 year old proportions on the way home because it really was an exciting outing for her! Parents, take note – she has been post-morning activity napping for almost 3 hours! WOOHOO!

The California ScienCenter is one of those super fun, family/kid oriented science museums that is hands on, interactive and educational! There is so much to see, touch, climb, ride, sniff, listen to, watch and eat there, that you can’t actually cover it all in one day, but we went specifically to check out the Exploring Trees exhibit. Exploring Trees Inside and Out is a collaborative project of the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and is sponsored by Doubletree Hotels as part of their Think Trees initiative… you know the hotel with those AMAZING chocolate chip cookies? Yeah – them. Am I eating one of those amazing cookies right now? Hell yes.

Aubrey sets up house as a mama bird!

“Hey Mommy! Come in with me!”

Exploring Trees Inside and Out is located in the center’s Ecosystems wing and is geared towards little ones aged 2 through 10. This exhibit aims to help them understand the significance of trees within our ecosystem and allows the kids to see different perspectives of life forms who live in harmony with trees – like birds, squirrels, bugs and humans!

Kids are beckoned by a climbing tree with tall canopies and a slide that lands in a pile of leaves, a crawl through log, a giant hollow acorn, an oversized bird nest, coloring stations, scented tree smells stations, bird house building stations and – what I thought was the coolest – a green screen/video monitor station where they can dress up in woodland creature costumes and star in their own wilderness show!

My little Duck-Footed Green Croc Cardinal! (It’s a VERY RARE species)

I can’t recommend this adventure enough for families with the appropriate aged kids. It can get a little rambunctious in the climbing tree for wee ones under two, so supervision is important.

Ron, the Head of Education for the ScienCenter tells us all about the exhibit

Best part: it’s FREE. They accept donations and parking is $8 per car (cash only) so overall, it’s a super affordable outing of an amazing caliber, especially if you have more than one child. Take advantage and treat your kids to a special, fun filled day that you’ll feel good about too!

Where: California ScienCenter
In Exposition Park near downtown – Click HERE for their general information

When: Open daily from 10am-5pm
Exploring Trees Inside and Out is there from May 28-September 26, 2010

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