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Feb, 2010

Another Year, Another Move

I’m not exactly sure, but I think I have moved EVERY DAMN YEAR since 2003 or 2004. And moved a hell of a lot before that too. Always different reasons. Some involving a man (rather not talk about it), a roommate, baby being born, landlord changes, etc. Said baby is a toddler now, I have happily shed said man, I’m getting older and, believe it or not, I’m in a relationship that might actually last – I’m feeling the need to fluff up the nest and stay a while. Problem is, I live in one of the most expensive counties in the US, but I love it. Furthermore, I have shared custody of my child and for me that means I’m here for now unless I want to ditch my kid. So…

I am currently renting a small house in a neighborhood that I LOVE, but the house can kiss my ass.
Here are the loves:
– Location, location, location! Great safe neighborhood, close to park, mall, stores, restaurants, quiet street, can hop right on to two of the biggest freeways in minutes. It’s uber convenient!
– Quality of life – I have several very wonderful friends within a couple miles or less of my front door. Some are even within walking distance.
– Love the house size and design
Here’s the not so much:
– This little house’s utilities are killing me! Power and gas are sky high and rent ain’t cheap. BUT rent ain’t cheap anywhere decent in L.A. County
– Old house is drafty and cold in winter – but cool in summer. Freezing my tush off right now. No insulation and the walls are paper thin.
– Pool – fun, but not worth the cost and liability with little ones around
– Maintenance crew is slower than a retarded snail (house is owned by an apt complex company)
– Major ant problem. Major.
– Electric dryer hook up. REALLY? Lame. Expensive.
– Why are my washer and dryer in my kitchen? REALLY? Lame. Noisy. Dusty.
– General condition of the house is not so great. Not immediately noticeable, visually, but the kind of old house BS that makes me REALLY glad I don’t own this place.
It’s been a nice little house to rent temporarily, but it’s just not where I want to stay for long. Aubrey will be starting pre-school this summer and I guess I’d rather get on with the getting on now and get it over with. I’d love to find a place to stay put in and, sadly, this just isn’t it.
Sick Of Moving

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Feb, 2009

MOVING On Up... Or At Least Over!

I know I keep saying I’m going to post some stuff on here and well, life just keeps happening and I put it off. My apologies.

Right now, I am in the middle of moving and no matter how much stuff I really try not to have, I still seem to have a fair amount of, well, stuff. If it were just me, I would have very little and live in a very small space. I am good at living frugally and don’t get too excited about material items – except my iPhone, my MacBook and once upon a time I had a really nice motorcycle and sports car.  *sigh*
Anyway, I keep things pretty simple, but having a toddler requires STUFF! A crib, changing table, toys, diapers, a Diaper Champ, lots of food (she just keeps eating and eating), clothes, books… Even with that being said, I still don’t have too much, but packing for a move seems to show you the reality about what you “need” and don’t need. I have thrown out at least 4-5 bags of junk, have 5 large bags ready for charity donation, have sold a few items on Craigslist and have given a few bags of baby items to friends. And I’m still not done. 
The move is primarily to save money. I will be saving over $830 a month on rent in my new house and it is just that… a HOUSE! I will be going from an upscale 3 bed/2 bath condo on a loud, busy street to a 2000 sq ft house with a small pool and access to 4 other pools, hot tub, sauna and tennis courts. It’s on a quiet, residential street and only a couple blocks from the park I take my daughter to several times a week. It’s even closer to some of my closest friends and it’s only a little over a mile from where I am now! I couldn’t be happier. Well, I’ll be happier when the moving is done, but I’m excited too.
Wish me luck in the final stretch of the journey. The moving guys are coming Wed morning to move the big and heavy items, so I have a lot to do tomorrow to get ready for them. Let’s hope my back holds out!

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