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Nov, 2009

Raking Leaves?! SEXY!!

Look at the sexiness of this man in action!

Hey there men in relationships with women! Here’s a quick note from a woman in a relationship with a man…

WOMEN LOVE IT WHEN YOU DO MANLY CHORES! There I said it. I’m a liberal woman and I believe in equal rights and I’m pro-choice and all that independent gal kind of stuff, but really nothing is sexier than when a man does the manly things most women really don’t want to do. If you want to get into your woman’s pants, forget flowers and fancy dinners (well don’t TOTALLY forget them). Here is a list of stuff you can do that will make your woman want to rip your clothes off and make you smile:
– Take out the trash and bring the bins to and from the curb
– Rake the leaves
– Clean out the garage
– Assemble something
– Reach really tall things that need attention like smoke alarm batteries and gutters
– Really, anything that involves getting on top of the house – go for it
– Take responsibility for anything that needs to be purchased at Home Depot
– If it’s broken, fix it
– If it’s heavy, lift it
– If it’s dirty, deal with it
– If it’s scary, kill it
– If it’s already dead, dispose of it
– Paint it, hammer it, screw it, mow it, oil it… you get the picture
I’m not kidding. You will be taken care of if you can get a handle on this list. This has been a public service announcement.

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