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May, 2009

I'm On Showtime TONIGHT!! AHHHH!!!

A quick post to let you know that… 

The special I shot for Showtime back in January is finally airing  
tonight! Please watch or record with your DVR/Tivo. This helps our  
ratings as well. Hot Tamales Live is going big!! YOU can make a  
difference for women and diversity in media! PLEASE support us and  
thank you for everything so far!

**Tonight we air at 9 EST/Midnight PST. Also, the link below will give  
you all the air dates for the month of May:


We had so much fun making this special and I know you will love it  
too! Also, check out the Hot Tamales trailer that was featured on  
MySpace. We had over 52,000 hits yesterday! Please watch and make a  
comment when you have a minute:


Happy Cinco de Mayo! And thank you for all of your support!

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Jan, 2009

SICK and SICK of it!

I’ve been procrastinating on getting this blog started, mostly due to a busy work schedule right now. So here I am, writing my first post and it’s about being sick! AHHHH!

I rarely get sick. I’m a super healthy being, I eat fairly well and exercise fairly regularly. I’ve been blessed with a great immune system and I get sick maybe once a year. I got a bad cold on Christmas night and thought I was good for a while. But then… travel happened.
Nothing like sitting in a germy plane and touching lots of college students to give one a terrible sinus infection or something. I perform at a lot of colleges and universities these days and we all know what a breeding ground for illnesses campuses are. I had two shows in New England and came home last night for two quick days with my daughter before heading out for another week. I felt the sick coming on somewhere over the Midwest and ended up with a fever, body aches, the whole deal by bed time. 
I’m feeling a lot better now thanks to a restful day of NOT playing with my daughter (the whole reason I came home) but tomorrow night, I have to take a red eye, with a layover, to Maine and then drive a rental car six hours to do a show in Presque Isle. Stupid. Really stupid planning Amy Anderson. Wish me luck. I promise the blogs will be more interesting and entertaining after this!

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