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Dec, 2009

Sick AGAIN?!

This is Aubrey’s sick face… poor little turkey

Unbelievable, but my little Aubrey woke up with a sniffly/ runny nose again today and a slight cough. If this is actually another cold, this is the third one she’s had since the end of October on top of one day of a low grade fever earlier this week. She’s never been this sick, so it’s a real bummer around here. In fact she’s been sick more in the last month and a half than she has been her entire two and a half years of life.

I shouldn’t complain too much as she’s VERY healthy, in general. She’s never had the flu, ear infection, throwing up or any of the really yucky sicknesses that little ones tend to get.
I did have to remove petrified boogers from her nose today with a variety of implements and she screamed like I was giving her an alien probe. Her nanny had to hold her down while I did the boogie picking. It’s moments like these that make motherhood so special. Really. Really?
I also woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday until I saw my boyfriend dressed in his “casual Friday” clothes. I realized I have one less day than I thought I had to get a whole bunch of shit done. I have company coming over on Sunday and I have shopping, baking and healing of a toddler to get done. Better get to it!

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Dec, 2009


Aubrey gets into the holiday spirit with her new santa hat, watching Charlie Brown Christmas, in front of the Christmas tree.

Yesterday, I walked out into the living room to discover Aubrey put one of her maracas into the Christmas tree! Very festive, indeed! Feliz Navidad everyone!

I’m off to the store to buy ingredients to make chili. It may be 80 degrees here in the Valley today, but it’s still wintertime. Hey, it DOES get cold at night, so it’s time for comfort foods. I’m also going to make homemade gingerbread and cookies for friends as gifts. Not sure what kind of cookies yet though. What are your favorite Christmas cookies? I’m partial to snickerdoodles and sugar cookies, myself. I also like to make toffee bars and spritz. I really like to bake!
Hope you have a great day everyone!

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Dec, 2009

The Tree is UP! Whoopee!

Happy season’s greetings to all! This is the first year I decided to put up a tree and it’s pretty cute. It does cheer the house up. I’d leave it up all year, just for fun, if it wasn’t another thing to dust.

I’m a bit of a scrooge during this time of the year because, well, for many reasons:
1) I’m not religious at all, so Christmas or Hanukkah aren’t super meaningful to me. In fact, since I’m not religious, Christmas and Hanukkah just seem more and more to me about commercialism and the having of STUFF. I don’t like stuff.
2) This is the slowest time of the year for my work which means I’m usually pretty lean in the pockets and frustrated because I’m not working as much as I want to be
3) I am the single mom of a child who spends part of her time at her dad’s. Last year and this year, she is going to her other house for Christmas, which means I will be completely ALONE! (Boyfriend is going out East to visit family and I have opted not to spend $900 on a plane ticket to visit people I’ve never met before)
4) I’m just not a sentimental person. I try sometimes, but it’s not really me.
I do enjoy the spirit of the holidays and the ideas of giving and togetherness, but this year, as last year, I will be going to a bunch of movies with a couple of friends. Aubrey and I will open gifts from grandparents either before she leaves for her dad’s around the 23rd, or after she gets back after Christmas.
I do wonder if my daughter will be bummed out that we don’t have hard core Christmas traditions? I’d rather have other traditions I guess – like something for her birthday.
But back to the tree. I did buy a tree and we have enjoyed having it here. There are a few ornaments in particular, that Aubrey loves to play with and is determined to break. She already broke the oldest one I have and honestly, it was ok with me. It’s just a thing.
On Christmas day, the Wal Mart tree will be sitting in my living room, all by itself, in the dark, with the lights off. Lame, huh? Let me know when January is here!

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