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Jun, 2010

Seattle And Auburn, WA This Weekend!

Wow! Just when I thought summer was my slow time, I’m busier than ever. Mind you, busy doesn’t always mean making money, but busy in good ways! First off, shows…

This weekend I’m returning to Seattle to headline two awesome venues in three days. Sean Ottey is featuring and good times will be had by all! Please tell everyone in Washington! I mean it… everyone!

Thurs, June 17 @ 8:30p
Friday, June 18 @ 8:30 & 10:30p
109 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98104

June 19 @ 7:30pm
10 Auburn Ave, Auburn, WA
Call: 253-931-3043

Last time I was in Seattle the Korean Adoptee community showed up, college friends, high school friends, extended family relatives I had never met. No joke, it was a blast! I hope for more surprises and new encounters this time around too.

July holds some local, SoCal performances and a trip to visit my jr high and high school besties in Colorado! I can’t wait. So stay tuned for more show dates and hopefully some cool announcements soon for the Mom Squad! xo

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May, 2010

Food Alert: LOO HOOS!! YUM!

My best friend recently put me in touch with Cindy Liu, founder, CEO and chef of LooHoo’s Inc – Asian Comfort Food. Cindy’s budding food company is based in Ventura County here in SoCal and my friend asked if I might be interested in helping spread the word about LooHoo’s via my blogger friends. Cindy had the great idea to host a tasting party and taste we DID! I’m really thrilled to share my LooHoo’s experience with you and I hope those of you who are locals will partake in her super yum food.

The evening started out with a specially created Mom Blogger’s Lychee Martini. It was the perfect way to start off a night of stuffing our faces and socializing. Light, cold and slightly sweet – it went down almost a little too easily and made me wish I hadn’t driven so I could have more. Sigh…
Next, Cindy went to work steaming up some amazing, handmade dumplings (or pot stickers). We had three varieties: The Veggie, LooHoo’s Original (pork) and Cindy’s own original recipe, The Mondu Twist (Korean style with kimchee)! The latter were my personal favorite. LooHoo’s dumpling sauce is made from scratch and it’s fresh and light, unlike so many Chinese dumpling sauces which can lean toward the syrupy side.
Then, onto the noodles! We were treated to two entree noodle dishes:
Summer Cold Noodle Salad which was made with yaki soba noodles
Spicy Thai Red Curry Noodles which can be made with good old spaghetti noodles!
Both noodle dishes were delicious and so easy to make. Also the kind of meals that are affordable and crowd pleasing for people with kids. Cindy paired the noodles with a chilled riesling and it was a perfect combo for a springtime, outdoor deck dinner.
Of course we wrapped up the evening with something sweet. Now, I was not raised in an Asian household and I have to admit, I don’t care for most Asian desserts. The idea of eating red beans as a sweet still doesn’t do it for me. But I was really happy when Cindy announced she had made a coconut sticky rice and mango for dessert. I’ve had this in Thai restaurants before and it really is yummy.

Some of the other women were saying it seemed weird to eat rice for dessert, but somehow, it got all gobbled up! I don’t like mango by itself, but there’s something about the total combination of mango, sticky rice and sweet coconut sauce that is to die for. If you’ve never tried this dessert, you’re missing out and LooHoo’s is the best I’ve ever had.

Aside from the obvious factors of the food being delicious and freshly made for us, there are some company facts that make me love Loo Hoo’s even more. LooHoo’s is committed to using premium ingredients and supports the local economy by engaging in sustainable and scalable business practices. Now who doesn’t dig THAT?!
The tasting party was a great success and so much fun. My only regret is that I didn’t wear my Pajama Jeans so I could eat more. I know we can’t all be as lucky as the small group of bloggers who got to be there for this exclusive get together, but the good news is LooHoo’s caters and will customize a menu that is perfect for your special occasion. The easiest way to find Cindy and her delicious LooHoo’s cuisine each week is at the farmer’s market:
Every Thursday 1:30-6:30pm:
At The Oaks Mall
Every Sunday 8am-noon:
Valencia, Santa Clarita
Eventually, Cindy would like LooHoo’s to be in grocery stores! With her can-do attitude, her great business background and most importantly, delicious creations, it won’t be long before you can take LooHoo’s home right from the grocer’s freezer or refrigerated section. Let’s support LooHoo’s to help make this dream a reality for Cindy.

Until then, I’ll see you at the farmer’s market and on LooHoo’s Facebook fan page. Happy eating and THANK YOU Cindy Liu of LooHoo’s!

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Apr, 2010

L.A. Blogger Brunch! It was AWESOME!

Yesterday I was treated to such a fun mom blogger event! The L.A. Blogger’s Brunch put on by Child’s Play PR/Marketing Communications. Mom bloggers from all over SoCal (and beyond!) gathered at the beautiful Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach for a delicious meal and an awesome display of new kids, mom and family products. We even received some great give aways and fabulous raffle prizes. Read on all the way to the end to find out how to enter to win a Bandai toy prize!!

My FAVORITE table… well, after the food table… was the Bandai table. I think most people of my generation think of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when they think of Bandai, but I was so excited to learn about their newest products especially, my daughter’s newest obsession… POCOYO!! He’s an beautiful little cartoon that originated in Spain and the reps told me the cartoon has just been picked up by Nickelodeon! My daughter first saw the Pocoyo videos on YouTube and fell in love so I bought her some DVDs and she’s hooked.
Bandai’s new line of Pocoyo toys are not available in stores yet, so we were lucky to get a sneak peak. These adorable toys include a Bump N’ Go battery operated car, Bath Fun toys, Squeeze N’ Play plushes and regular character plushes. I can’t wait to find these in the stores soon!
Also at the Bandai table were toys from Harumika (awesome fashion design toys for girls), Ben 10 (based on the Cartoon Network original series), Tamatown by Tamagotchi and Chef Kids. All of these toys looked so fun and high quality too!
More toys over at Backyard Safari Outfitters by Summit Toys! These toys will inspire and support any child’s natural desire to explore and foster a love of science and the outdoors. Bug Vacuums, Mega Magnifiers, Mega View Periscopes and more all centered around an awesome looking Cargo Vest. These awesome toys are already available at Toys R Us!
We all know Nickeloeon and they are celebrating Dora The Explorer – one of their most popular preschooler shows ever since it’s introduction in 2000. I was thrilled to receive a Dora Summer Explorer DVD and I can’t wait to show it to my daughter on our airplane trip tomorrow (THANK YOU Nickelodeon)!
Pottery Barn Kids was also present with a new line of beach inspired designs. Their products are so beautiful and durable, I wish I could afford to outfit my daughter’s whole room in their stuff! I’ll let you know when I get that sit com deal, Pottery Barn! In the meantime, I was really happy to receive a colorful beach tote and a fun, pink octopus beach towel wrap for my little bathing beauty. She LOVED it when I surprised her with it and begged to use it for her bath that night!
My best friend, Jennie (www.TheParentingProject.com), has been RAVING about her Pajama Jeans. Going on and on about how they REALLY look like a pair of jeans but FEEL like pajamas. Well, the Pajama Jean people were at the brunch and I got to see an actual pair, close up and on a real, live woman! They really do look like jeans and feel like pajamas! No joke. I can’t wait to get my pair in the mail!
Cold Stone Creamery was dishing up one of their newest novelties, the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich. That famous Coldstone ice cream squished between two giant Oreos cookie wafers. I think you get the idea. Yum!
The gals from the Temptress store in El Segundo (cosmetics, perfumery, skincare, gifts) were giving free make up touch ups – something I can always use – and giving beauty tips for the summer.
Toyota and Dyson were also on hand talking up their fabulous products and Dyson even raffled off about $1300 in vacuums to three lucky winners. I can not tell you how much I wanted to win one of the Dysons, but alas, it wasn’t in the cards for me. I was happy to just hold one in my hand… yes, I never thought I would fantasize about a vacuum cleaner, but they are pretty darn sexy machines. I hear they clean well too.
All in all, it was a wonderful day and we had perfect weather. Thank you so much, Child’s Play, for hosting this awesome mom’s event. Even if I didn’t win a vacuum… it was a treat to get away and I loved every minute!
And now, it’s YOUR time to enter to win a prize! I’m giving away a Bandai toy package valued at over $50! Included are the Ben 10 Spider Monkey action figure, :05 Second Stadium keychain game (I hear it’s highly addictive!), Tamagotchi Music Star, Harumika Style Starter Set, A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers DVD episode and book marker!
Just follow my blog and leave a comment telling me YOUR favorite childhood toy, by Midnight (PST), Saturday, May 8, 2010! Be sure to leave your email address so I can let you know if you won! Winner will be chosen using Random.org and announced on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9, 2010. (*I will ship to the winner within the US only.)
Prize Package:

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