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Jul, 2011

Upcoming Shows: The Improv at Harrah's - Las Vegas!!

Wendy always practices Safe Comedy

After a CRAZY few weeks here in AmyLand, I’m happy to announce my next shows in VEGAS BABAY! I’ll be featuring for my dear friend and super amazing funny woman, Wendy Liebman. Two shows a night, Aug 2-7, so no excuses if you’re in the area. For the rest of you, I have two words: ROAD TRIP.

You can click on the LaughStub links on the right to see more info but here are the basics. Hope to see you there!

The Improv – Las Vegas
August 2-7
8:30pm & 10:30pm nightly
Harrah’s Hotel & Casino
Reservations: 702.369.5223

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Sep, 2009

Red Eyes, Pizzas and Gigs

Post Show at U Mass-Amherst!
I took a red eye to Boston and drove to Amherst, MA on Friday night. Had pizza with a Westminster Choir College (my alma mater)alum who is teaching at an interim position there and then did a show. Ate more pizza. Slept 3.5 hours and headed back to the Boston airport.

As for the show, I had the pleasure of performing at U Mass-Amherst and when I got there I met this young guy named Bo Burnham. I forgot that I was sharing the bill with another comic and apparently, it was him. He was introduced to me and I asked if he was a student. “No, he’s the headliner”!! Hahaha! Wow, that made me feel old. Then I was told he just turned 19 and is one of these YouTube phenoms.

I had never heard of him before. He sings silly little songs with titles like “My Whole Family Thinks I’m Gay”. I believe this is his biggest hit. He posted 2 songs on YouTube.com 2 years ago and now he’s filling theaters and clubs with 18-22 year olds all over the country and is the youngest person to be given a Comedy Central Presents special. Wow.
I don’t find him to be particularly funny (I think it’s easier to enjoy his stuff if you’re not an adult) good on him for capitalizing on his viral fame and it’s nice that he has super supportive parents who act as roadies and sell merchandise for him after shows. I met them and they are charming people. We are in a closer age bracket than I am with Bo. They are younger than my boyfriend. Man, life just FLYS by, huh? Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens to this guy. Will he become the next Chocolate Rain guy? Or will he sustain a career? This is a nutty business and I wish him all the best. He has 20 months of experience and I have 12 years. Seriously, all of those approximately 1600 college kids didn’t turn out to see me. They came to see Bo and it was a humbling experience.
Anyway, why did I even mention all of this… just random thoughts as I kill time in Logan International Airport, waiting for a flight to Vegas.
I’m at the Pearl Theater in The Palms Hotel and Casino TONIGHT, performing with the Hot Tamales Live show. I hope to see you there! Better pack up the Macbook and get ready to board.

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Apr, 2009


OK… once again. I’m the laziest blogger in the world. Oh wait, I withdraw that statement. I forgot I was going to blame my status of career driven single mother for everything. I haven’t blogged much, but here I am. I’m here to blog and blog and blog. Oh wait. I need to go to sleep.

I have a show at University of Nevada – Las Vegas tomorrow and I’m wondering if they will just let me drink and smoke and do a hooker throughout the entire show. I would take video of that and send it to my mom. She always wants to know exactly what it is that I do for a living. Just kidding. She knows I’m selling my soul to the devil.
Seriously, I’m very excited for the show as it is for the Asian cultural awareness program on campus and being that I’m Asian American, they might just laugh and support me. I’m always proud to be able to support different Asian American groups, especially student groups, so it should be a fun one. Let me know if you want to come to the show. I’m pretty sure I can get you in!
Good grief. It’s almost 2:30am. I really need to get to sleep. To be continued…
Favorite Aubrey Quote of the Day (my 22 month old daughter): “Mommy smell the flower. Put it in water.” (Awwwwwwwww!)

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