Nov, 2010

There Will Be Blood!

I was slightly devastated today to learn that McNeil-PPC, Inc is discontinuing manufacture of my brand of tampons: o.b. Yes, those freaky little numbers sans applicator. I LOVE these tampons. How do I love them? Let me count the ways…

1) They are way more absorbent and leak proof than any other tampon I’ve ever tried and since having a child and reaching my late 30s, I bleed like a stuck pig. A stuck pig on its period. TMI? Tough.

2) They are small! Easy to fit into a pocket – even a teeny tiny pocket. I’m an active person and I travel for a living so I don’t always want to lug my purse or a giant tampon around with me, like on stage, when I’m snowboarding or running, riding Tower of Terror at Disneyland… you get the idea

3) No applicator – no extra waste! o.b. tampons are the greenest, most eco-friendly tampon you can find. There are other crazy contraptions like sea sponges and cups that are groovy and all, but sometimes, you just gotta jam and let’s face it, I bleed like a… well, re-read #1.

So McNeil-PPC, Inc., I damn thee to hell! I hate you for making me love you and then walking out on me. I thought we had something real. I guess I’ll just have to go with the flow and find a new slow jam.


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  1. Kittie Flyn says:

    I'm surprised OB will no longer be made especially considering they're more green than any other product out there. I admit, I'm a wimp. I don't use them but I did try them for a short while OB was making their tampons with applicators. I loved them. They are one of the best kind out there. Maybe we should start a petition.

  2. Klove says:

    Yuck Amy! It's luci's mommy.
    Hook me up!

  3. Charity says:

    Dont worry they will be available at the dollar tree and big lots for at least another three years! Go ahead and stock up enough to last you until menopause…problem solved.

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