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Apr, 2012

Wikets: Win Something For Doing Almost Nothing

Feeling lazy but want something for free AND something for a friend? Well do I have the contest for you.

I’ve been helping this awesome new app called Wikets get off the ground and they are killing it right now. It really is a fun app, it’s free and if you don’t have it yet, you are pretty much missing out on free Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Ebay, Home Depot and iTunes gift cards for doing almost nothing. Seriously, it is so easy to rack up points and redeem them for gift cards and you’ll get some great ideas for products for your family, home, gifts and more!

Wikets has been growing like gangbusters so they decided to try their first contest! OK, first you need download Wikets to your fabulous Apple product:

1) Get Wikets from the Apple App Store
2) When you register use my promo code “funnyyellowmom” and get 200 bonus points – holla!
3) Start rec-ing, rerec-ing, buying, earning points and getting those gift cards

OK now that you’ve done that – click “Feed” on bottom left, go to the Questions tab at the top of the screen and look at Batman’s question: “Whar product $25 or less would you most want to give to a friend?”

It Looks Like This

10 of the most heartfelt, interesting, fun and creative recs (you make a recommendation for what you would give a friend) will be chosen! The winners will get to send ANY one of the winning recs to one of their Wikets friends AND you could choose any of the items rec’d for yourself! Item MUST be $25 or less.

The contest is live now and is on until 11:59pm EST on May 1, 2012. Maximum 3 entries per person! Rec it up people!



I am being compensated for pimpin out this rad new app, but the opinions expressed are truly my own – for realz yo.

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Apr, 2012

Singing In The Dead Of Night. All Night. Argh.

Any bird experts out there? (I guess I’m looking for an ornithologist?) There are three tennis courts right out side of my bedroom window and the sounds from the tennis courts reverberate in such a way that they sound like they’re right in my bedroom when I have my window open. In SoCal, I have my window open a lot, especially at night when it’s nice and cool.

About 3 or so months ago – hell, who’s counting – some lone bird starting singing it’s beak off all night long. It’s right in the tennis court trees and it literally starts when in the evening and sings all night long. I fall asleep to it singing and wake up to it singing.

First off, I am a HUGE animal lover, but I have never wished I owned a bb gun quite so badly. I made a brief video a few nights ago, not for the visual, but so I could post the singing and you can hear it. Anyone able to tell me what kind of bird this is? I’m curious. Any WHY won’t it SHUT UP IN TH MIDDLE OF THE DAMN NIGHT?!!!! Thank you. Here’s the video… listen to the sound of the ___bird:

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Apr, 2012

WooHoo For Spring - Easter, Ponies & Chimps!

April has been a blast so far. I have been busy on the road this spring, but in between these stretches, Aubrey and I have been doing tons of fun stuff. We really have so much fun on the weekends that we have fun hangovers on Monday morning. Aubrey almost couldn’t get out of bed to go to school this Monday. I’m like, “Oh my God! You’re FOUR! Suck it up kid!”

Easter was super fun. We had fun finding eggs and candy from the Easter Bunny at our house and then we went to the Mountain Gate Country Club with some preschool friends of ours for brunch, an egg hunt, games and golfing! It was Aubrey’s first time golfing and she LOVED it!

2nd Career? LPGA in 10yrs? She IS Half Korean - LOL!

Then this past weekend we attended two wonderful events. On Saturday was the My Little Pony Bridle Shower party to celebrate the Friendship Is Magic “Royal Wedding” episode coming up on the Hub network on April 21, 10am PST. Aubrey just discovered My Little Pony and, naturally, she’s hooked. She’s a 4 yr old girl – DUH. The party was amazing with a flower bouquet making station, mini wedding cake decorating with The Butter End bakery (cakes were DELICIOUS!), yummy snacks and drinks and a pre-view screening of the wedding episodes. We had a blast!!

Aubrey Takes A Twirl Down The Pink Carpet

Aubrey And Friend Strike A Pose For the Pony Photo Booth

Then on Sunday, we attended an advance screening of the new Disney Nature documentary Chimpanzee which opens nationwide this Friday, April 20 which also happens to be Earth Day weekend… awww!

Me And My Little Chimp

We loved the film and the footage the filmakers captured is really unbelievable. I wouldn’t recommend the film for children under 3 or 4 yrs as there are some intense fight and hunt scenes amongst the animals. You be the judge on how much intensity your child can take. But there is no gore or graphic violence.

Aubrey Wearing A Chimpanzee Alex Woo Necklace

Aubrey had the honor of being photographed wearing a special new “Chimpanzee” inspired necklace by designer Alex Woo. These necklaces feature the image of “Oscar,” the star of “Chimpanzee,” and 20% of the profits from the sale of these necklaces will go the Jane Goodall Institute. Aubrey was very proud to pose for these pictures and it was an easy way for her to help the chimps! If you’d like to purchase a necklace, there is a selection of styles in different price ranges at www.AlexWoo.com.


I hope your spring is as happy as ours!
This weekend we’ll be heading down to America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa to hang out with Bridgette aka as “Stella” the French Bulldog from Modern Family, and see all the great animals and exhibits! Maybe we’ll even pick up something special for Bob Barker. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me strength not to adopt another dog while we are there. PLEASE!

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