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Sep, 2015

Emmy Mom Purse 2015
We are headed to the Emmys tomorrow. Exciting and exhausting, all at once. Three’s a lot of STEEP competition in the comedy category this year, the red carpet will be a sweltering bath of B.O. (95 with no cloud cover) and I still don’t know what Aubrey is wearing on her feet, but a big part of our ability to enjoy the very long Emmy day comes down to what I put in my purse and how I prep the night before. Every year I have the biggest, ugliest purse on the red carpet, but it’s all good. I’m not about suffering for beauty. In case you couldn’t tell.
I started to make a packing list and thought you might like to see it in case you ever need to take a 4-8 year old to the Emmys some day. This purse list would also work for accompanying a grown man:
– gum/mints
– snacks (granola bars, candy, nuts, crackers)
– tissues
– 2 battery chargers & 1 cord
– iPad Mini
– iPhone
– wet wipes
– band aids
– Tums
– Advil Jr
– Aleve
– TICKETS/LIMO PASSES (this one is important)
– cash to tip driver
– extra pair of socks for Aubrey (dry feet are happy feet)
– sweaters (freezing in the theater)
To-Do Tonight:
– booster seat by front door
– charge both battery packs
– put Aubrey’s booster seat by front door
– write check to dog sitter and leave on kitchen counter
– have Aubrey try on different socks & shoes
– lay out and check all clothing, jewelry and accessories
– set coffee auto-brew timer
– drink some wine, take a deep breath and let it happen 🙂
I’m off to empty the dishwasher, throw in another load of laundry and put the clean sheets on the bed before I get started on the above list! LOL!


Fingers crossed for Modern Family tomorrow and thanks for all of your love and support xo

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