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Sep, 2015

Emmy Mom Purse 2015
We are headed to the Emmys tomorrow. Exciting and exhausting, all at once. Three’s a lot of STEEP competition in the comedy category this year, the red carpet will be a sweltering bath of B.O. (95 with no cloud cover) and I still don’t know what Aubrey is wearing on her feet, but a big part of our ability to enjoy the very long Emmy day comes down to what I put in my purse and how I prep the night before. Every year I have the biggest, ugliest purse on the red carpet, but it’s all good. I’m not about suffering for beauty. In case you couldn’t tell.
I started to make a packing list and thought you might like to see it in case you ever need to take a 4-8 year old to the Emmys some day. This purse list would also work for accompanying a grown man:
– gum/mints
– snacks (granola bars, candy, nuts, crackers)
– tissues
– 2 battery chargers & 1 cord
– iPad Mini
– iPhone
– wet wipes
– band aids
– Tums
– Advil Jr
– Aleve
– TICKETS/LIMO PASSES (this one is important)
– cash to tip driver
– extra pair of socks for Aubrey (dry feet are happy feet)
– sweaters (freezing in the theater)
To-Do Tonight:
– booster seat by front door
– charge both battery packs
– put Aubrey’s booster seat by front door
– write check to dog sitter and leave on kitchen counter
– have Aubrey try on different socks & shoes
– lay out and check all clothing, jewelry and accessories
– set coffee auto-brew timer
– drink some wine, take a deep breath and let it happen 🙂
I’m off to empty the dishwasher, throw in another load of laundry and put the clean sheets on the bed before I get started on the above list! LOL!


Fingers crossed for Modern Family tomorrow and thanks for all of your love and support xo

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Aug, 2012

Back To School With The Children's Place

Earlier this week, Aubrey and I were invited to check out the fall fashions at The Children’s Place. I’m going to be honest, I hadn’t been into one of their stores in a while as I am not a big clothing shopper, but as soon as we walked in, Aubrey ran right to the sparkly stuff on the girls’ side of the store and began to ooooh and aaaah! She knows what she likes and she was in LOVE with this store. She literally asked to get almost everything she laid her eyes on!

Aubrey is starting kindergarten at a uniformed school this fall, so I don’t have to worry about school shopping, but because of her work on Modern Family, she does attend a fair amount of media events and award ceremonies and parties – everything from casual Disney movie premieres to The Golden Globes which is black tie – and dressing her for all of these shindigs can really take its toll on mommy’s bank account.

One of my favorite things about The Children’s Place is the wide range of options under one roof. Play clothes and school uniform staples up through fancier dresses and accessories that are easy to dress up and down for different occasions. Their prices are really reasonable and the quality is great. Everything we have ever had from TCP has held up really well.

We picked up a nice assortment of dresses, tops and a night gown that Aubrey LOVED and the shopping trip wouldn’t have been complete without a pair of pink, sparkly high tops. Not sure how I got such a girly girl, but it’s fun! Of course they have a boys section too and there was some super cute stuff on that side, as well. No sparkly sneakers though.


Good luck with all of your back-to-school shopping and watch for these sparkly high tops on a red carpet this fall!


*I was not compensated for this post, but I was treated to a very nice shopping spree and tour of the current fall line, and for this, I am very grateful 🙂 All opinions expressed here are my own… like totally.





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Feb, 2012

Aubrey Says The Darndest Things

The Wordsmith Herself, on Valentine's Day

The Aubinator (aka my 4 yr old daughter Aubrey) recently made history by dropping the f-bomb on primetime television (She was saying “fudge” for those who haven’t heard the full details yet… people still ask me if she really said it!). In real life – our life – sometime between 18 months and 2 years of age, I did overhear Aubrey say “Hot damn,” “Oh shit” and “Oh what the fuck” and it was about then I realized she was a sponge. Or really a parrot made out of sponge and that the days of saying whatever I wanted to in front of “the baby” were sadly, over. Aubrey hasn’t uttered a curse word since then and more paramount to that is what she HAS been saying lately.

Aubrey is 4 (5 this summer) and she has entered into that magical time of child speech and language when everything she says is either adorable or hilarious. Literally, almost no in between. I’ve never loved being her mom more than now. I thought I’d share a treasury of Aubrey-isms because I love them so much and because my brain is too fried to write on any topics of substance these days. Enjoy…

(Entering the bathroom while I’m sitting on the toilet. She has yellow string with an apple shaped key chain attached to it, wrapped around her fingers.) “OK! I’m trying to make a yoyoyo, but I’m NOT making any promises.”

“Milk helps you to be strong and to make you not to be lousy. Like a slug.”

“When I grow up I’m going to work at Panda Express!”

“I want to be the Tooth Fairy when I grow up.”

“I’m going to be a boy so then when I grow up I can be a daddy.”

(Referring to our dog.) “Bob Barker should have a puppy so then she can have a brother!!”

“Mommy, how old are you?”
(audible gasp) “That’s OLD! That’s jumbo!”

(Tucking her in at bed time, she grabs and holds me tightly.) “Stay and sleep with me so I can smell you all night!”

“I want you to keep me forever.”

(I was explaining to Aubrey that Buddha lived a long time ago and is dead now.) “So is Buddha in heaven with Michael Jackson?”

“I know the names of The Simpsons characters: Bart, Lisa, the baby is Maggie, Homer… and Large.”

She called an antelope a “lemonlope”

“I had a cheeseburglar at Old McDonald’s, but I didn’t like it.”

After peeing in the toilet, she looked me dead in the eye and asked, “Um… did you wipe my vagina?”

“I’m half Korean, but you’re just REGULAR Korean.”

(Watching me eat some long spaghetti noodles.) “You can’t just eat with your lips all night!”

“I like you mommy.”


To be continued…

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